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Re: Final Fantasy Discussion Thread

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Mikhail wrote: Mon Jan 23, 2023 1:26 am Currently playing FFVI Pixel Remaster right now. About 6 hours in and I'm enjoying what I'm playing. It's not very hard so far but that's a-ok with me as I'm currently preferring simplicity over complexity. I find that I'm using the auto-battle feature more often during the random battles and even most of the bosses since they've not required any sort of real interaction outside of just continually blitzing with Sabin or Rune-ing with Celes.
It is the sort of game you can grind to reduce difficulty. For the most part, rather considerably. On that note, I suspect the addition of auto-battle and similar convenience features has also made it trivial, in terms of energy, to grind or thoughtlessly collect experience, which really stacks up over the course of traveling about. Especially as it pertains to things like Sabin’s blitzes, where there is no longer a need to enter them on the controller. In the original version, some of these functional considerations helped a lot to reduce grinding.

One way to get a lot more challenge out of it is to cut down on random battles. Run a fair bit.

Some components of the game can be extremely challenging, especially going in for the first time, if not significantly over-leveled. I still remember what it was like for young me the first time I completed Cultist’s Tower. But there is still a lot to appreciate even if you decide to take a lot of the game easier by using those fast-forward/automation/convenience features.
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